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Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

The people in my part of the country don’t need a groundhog to tell them how long winter is going to last. We know we’re dreaming if we think we’ll actually have green grass in six weeks. Even if the temperatures warm up, the giant mounds of snow we have piled at the sides of our roads and driveways and side walks will be a long-lasting reminders of the freezing and snow-filled winter we’re still enduring. The only weather predicted above 0 degrees Celsius in the next two weeks is for two days of freezing rain next week, and we’d all be happy to skip that, thank you. To say spring will be welcome is an understatement. I hope you are having some sunny days where you are.



Even with the temperatures so cold, it’s amazing what a difference a sunny day can make to my spirits. I spent most of today working in the livingroom and enjoying the sun that was streaming through the windows. Yay for laptops. After finishing the draft of an article that I have to send in on Friday, I spent a chunk of the day doing research for a new project I’m thinking about tackling. So far, so good on that front.

Do you find that the weather affects your spirits? Does a gloomy day inspire you or make you want to curl up in a blanket and nap until it’s over? I’ve added some cheerful spring photos to the blog today to remind me that winter will finally end–with or without groundhog.🙂






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  1. Seems winter’s grasp is far-reaching this year. In an average season here in Chicago, we have 30 inches of snow, and we’re already at 62! The below-zero temps are wearing us all out. Your primulas will be a welcome sight.

    1. You’re exactly right. The temperatures and the snow really are wearing us out. We had a day two weeks ago when the temperature climbed to 3 below, and I was ready to get my spring coat out. It felt like such a warm day. Hang in there!

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